How does DocuSign eSignature work?

DocuSign eSignature: A Trusted and User-Friendly Solution

DocuSign eSignature is an electronic signature solution trusted by hundreds of millions of users. It provides a simple and free way for signers to complete documents digitally. In this post, we’ll answer common questions about how DocuSign eSignature works.

How do electronic signatures work?

Electronic signatures offer an easy, secure way to sign electronic contracts. They work in several ways:

  • Pre-formatted signature: DocuSign can generate a standard signature for you.
  • Drawn signature: Draw your signature directly using your mouse or trackpad.
  • Uploaded signature: Upload an image of your handwritten signature.

No matter the method, the electronic signature process remains consistent.

How does DocuSign eSignature work?

Here’s a breakdown of the typical DocuSign eSignature process:

  1. Receive an email request: The sender of the document will initiate the process, and you’ll receive an email.
  2. Review the document: Click a link to access and review the document.
  3. Agree to electronic signature: Read the disclosure and agree to use an electronic signature.
  4. Complete required fields: Fill out any necessary information, such as your address, initials, or the date.
  5. Choose and apply your signature: Select a pre-formatted signature style, draw your signature, or upload an image of it. Then, apply it to the designated areas of the document(s).
  6. Submit and access your copy: The signed document is sent back to the sender. You have the option to download a copy or create a free DocuSign account to store and manage your signed documents.

    DocuSign eSignature: Frequently Asked Questions

    DocuSign eSignature is a convenient and secure way to electronically sign documents. Let’s dive into some common questions:

    Do I need a DocuSign account to sign a document?

    No, you don’t need a DocuSign account to sign a document someone else sends to you. Follow the easy steps included in the email, accessible from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Signing with DocuSign eSignature is always free for signers.

    You do have the option to create a free account after signing to conveniently store and manage your documents.

    How do I send a document using DocuSign eSignature?

    To send documents for electronic signatures, you’ll need a DocuSign account. Here’s how the process works:

    1. Create a DocuSign account: Start with a 30-day free trial.
    2. Upload your document: Common formats like Word documents or PDFs are supported.
    3. Add recipients: Include the names and email addresses of everyone who needs to sign.
    4. Place signature fields: Drag and drop tags where signatures, initials, dates, etc., are needed.
    5. Send: Use DocuSign to securely send the document to your recipients.

    Step-by-Step Guide

    1. Log into your DocuSign account.
    2. Click ‘New’ and select ‘Send an Envelope’.

    DocuSign eSignature: A Streamlined Signing Process

    DocuSign eSignature makes it faster and easier to get documents signed. Here’s the process breakdown, along with answers to common questions:

    How to Send a Document with DocuSign eSignature

    1. Set up your DocuSign Account: Begin with a free 30-day trial to get started.

    2. Upload your Document: DocuSign supports most file types, including Word, PDFs, images, and presentations. [Screenshot of upload interface]

    3. Specify Recipients: Enter the names and email addresses of those who need to sign.

    4. Customize the Email: Tailor the subject line and message to the recipients. [Screenshot of email customization]

    5. Add Signature and Information Fields: Use DocuSign’s drag-and-drop tools to position fields for signatures, initials, dates, and other necessary data. [Screenshot of adding fields]

    6. Review and Send: Double-check everything is accurate, then send the document securely to your recipients.

    7. Track Progress: DocuSign notifies you as each party completes the signing process.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I upload a signature in DocuSign? Yes! Scan and upload an image of your handwritten signature or create a signature with your finger or stylus on a touchscreen.

    • Can I use DocuSign eSignature to sign a PDF? Absolutely. DocuSign works with PDFs, Microsoft Office files, Google Drive documents, and more.

    • Does DocuSign integrate with other software? Yes, DocuSign offers over 400 integrations, connecting seamlessly with your existing CRMs and productivity tools. [Link to “See our partner integrations”]

    • Can I accept payments with DocuSign? Yes, DocuSign Payments lets you collect signatures and payments simultaneously, supporting various payment methods.

    • Is there a mobile app for electronic signatures? Yes, DocuSign eSignature apps are available on Apple, Google Play, and Windows stores. Send, sign, and track documents on the go, even without internet access.

    • Can I send documents from DocuSign on a mobile device? Yes, the free app lets you create, send, and monitor documents directly from your smartphone or tablet.

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